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Citrus bergamia oil

Disclaimer: The information provided by Khush Ingredients is a summary of information from producers.  All information is provided without warrant or liability.

REACH: 01-2120117613-65-XXXX - Fully Registered by Producer


This oil is produced exclusively for Khush Ingredients in Calabria, Italy by Diego Visalli.


Our producer, Diego Visalli, is a third-generation producer of citrus oils based in Calabria, Italy, the region that produces almost all the Bergamot Oil in the world. In a highly efficient process, perfected through the years, Diego Visalli cold press bergamot fruit from their own, and nearby growers, orchards into beautiful natural bergamot oil. This is not chemically processed to remove furocoumarin, so it is not FCF (hence not suitable for leave on skin products) and has a rich green colour. Visalli do a tertiary extraction of the waters gathered from the cold pressing process to produce a peratoner grade, which is near water white and FCF. There is also a small quantity of organic Bergamot Oil available each year from Diego Visalli’s own organic orchards. Production season is normally December to February (weather dependant). Middle season production (from orchards mid altitude) are normally best for proving flavouring for tea production.


Bergamot essential oil is obtained by cold pressing the quartered juiced ripe fruits of Citrus Bergamia, Risso et Poiteau.  

Appearance: Green to yellowish green or yellowish-brown liquid

Odour: Characteristic of the outer part of fresh bergamot peel

Flash Point: 58°C

Relative Density at 20°C: 0.872~0.883

Optical Rotation at 20°C: +15 to + 36°

Refractive Index at 20°C: 1.4638~1.4692 


CAS Number: 8007-75-8 / 89957-91-5

EC Number: 289-612-9


Compliant with UN Packing Group III

GC Profile (typical):     

Limonene: 30-45%

Linalyl acetate: 22-36%

Linalool: 3-15%

y-Terpinene: 6-10%

Beta-pinene: 5.5-9.5%

Geranial: 0.25-0.5%

Shelf Life:

24 months when stored within advised conditions, re-test every 12 months thereafter for a possible further 24 months.


This oil is widely used in the personal care industry and is generally regarded as safe but may be harmful if swallowed and if levels are exceeded.

For details, please request the specific safety data sheet for each oil.

Main Safety & Handling Statements:   

H226: Flammable liquid and vapour

H304: May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways

H315: Causes skin irritation

H317: May cause an allergic skin reaction

H319: Causes serious eye irritation

H412: Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects

P241: Use explosion-proof [electrical/ventilating/lighting/…] equipment.

P273: Avoid release to the environment.

P280: Wear protective gloves/clothing/eye-protection/face protection

P262: Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing.